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Metis Associates highly values its client relationships and is driven by a deep commitment to ensuring excellence in the services it provides. The firm's guiding principles can be summarized by the following core values:


Strong partnerships, based on mutual honesty, integrity, and communication, are the cornerstone of Metis' success in helping clients to meet their goals. We believe that through the collaboration of diverse teams - both within our firm and together with our partners - we can achieve the best results.


Metis' highly skilled and talented staff members take pride in the quality of their work with their clients. We bring in-depth knowledge and practical experience to all of our projects and a rigor to our approach, creating exceptional services and products that always meet and often exceed our clients' expectations.


Metis understands that the same solutions do not work for everyone. Our staff members apply customized, state-of-the-art approaches to each challenge, often bringing new ways of thinking about a problem to meet the unique needs of a client in a cost-effective manner.

Professional Growth

Metis aims to provide a supportive work environment that promotes our employees' professional growth. Our workplace fosters an environment of ongoing learning, knowledge sharing, and development, which translates into fresh points of view and skills for our clients.

Mutual Respect

Metis strives to employ a diverse staff in order to enrich our personal relationships as well as our perspectives on contemporary social problems. Mutual respect is the basis for our interactions with each other and with our clients.

Metis and New York Cares at P.S. 12

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Photo above:
Joining Hands: Metis staff, friends, and family members on October 13, 2012, joined teams from New York Cares in transforming the courtyard of P.S. 12 (Dr. Jacqueline Peek Davis Elementary School) in Crown Heights Brooklyn. The Metis team executed the concept of mural artist Jade Chan, who guided them through her beautiful and intricate design featuring the school's motto. “Together we aspire, together we achieve!”